UGCboard Community Guidelines

Like every civil society, there are some basic rules at UGCboard by which to abide. While UGCboard does operate as an open forum, some posts will automatically be deleted from our site:

  • Pornographic material has no place here at UGCboard. If you are seeking to start a forum community around this type of material, please look elsewhere. Failure to obey these guidelines will result in a suspension of your account.
  • As much as UGCboard gives the control of the content creation to the communities it hosts, we do not want to harbor those who wish to create intentionally incorrect or misleading content. Attempts to spread disinformation, propaganda, or to impersonate another individual or group will lead to a deletion of a community account.
  • Community accounts that advocate for the hatred and/or elimination of a specific race, religion, nation, creed, class, ethnic group, or sexual orientation, or that link to websites that advocate the same will be deleted from UGCboard.
  • When you find an article written by someone else, copy its text, and paste it onto your UGCboard community and then claim it as your own, you’re stealing (otherwise known as plagiarizing). UGCboard is about creating original content. It’s OK to quote from another source, but please cite it.
  • Simply put, UGCboard is a place for promoting businesses and services as well as for sharing ideas and opinions, but not hurting other people. If these rules seem fair to you, then sign up and create your community now!