Editorial Review

RantRave is a great community of independent thinkers. We thrive on new ideas. The RantRave website is an attempt to provide an open place for discussion. Our goal is to provide readers with a constant stream of high-quality information and commentary.
RantRave is proud to be a Google News provider. Being listed in Google News benefits everyone – the individual author, the RantRave site itself, and our readers.
There are no easy solutions for moderating a robust forum for published opinion. However, the RantRave staff has decided on the following guidelines to help our moderators choose the very best submissions to submit to Google News for publishing.
These guidelines are intended to help prevent spam and nonsense posts and to provide high-quality commentary to our readers. RantRave is first and foremost a place for public discourse, and we are focused on improving our site every day.
The RantRave staff encourages individuals to submit news and opinions on just about any topic. Here are a few things that will catch our eye:
  • Firsthand research (personal experiences or eyewitness accounts)
  • Opinions on local, national, and international issues
  • Media analysis
  • Commentary on current events or public figures
  • Reviews of music, film, television shows, or other art forms
  • Alternative (non-mainstream) theories
If your post has misspelled words or awkward grammar, it won't be approved for Google News publication. While RantRave does operate as an open forum, some posts will automatically be deleted from our site:
  • Spam posts. If a post's content is available on multiple websites, we consider it spam.
  • Rants or Raves that are obviously incorrect or misleading: this includes attempts to spread disinformation, propaganda, or to impersonate another individual or group.
  • Rants or Raves that contain generalized or negative assertions about any race, religion, nation, creed, class, ethnic group, or sexual orientation.
  • Rants or Raves that advocate for the elimination of a specific race, religion, nation, creed, class, ethnic group, or sexual orientation, or that link to websites that advocate the same.
  • Advertising or promotion of commercial interests.
  • Pornographic or unnecessarily violent content.
The RantRave staff welcomes Rants and Raves that disagree with our personal opinions. We will not delete Rants or Raves for ideological reasons. (Yes, we have liberals and conservatives on our editorial staff.)
The Process
The RantRave editorial staff has a two-tier editorial review process for Rants and Raves.
Tier One: Each Rant or Rave is reviewed by a skilled moderator for clarity, originality, and tone. If the post passes these basic tests, it is passed on to the editorial staff for Google News publication consideration.
Tier Two: The Rant or Rave is discussed and reviewed by the RantRave editorial staff. If the post is approved, it is then passed to Google News.
The entire editorial review process is guided by three basic principles:
  1. New ideas are king — your opinion matters!
  2. Rant or Rave content must adhere to RantRave's editorial policies.
  3. More debate is always better. We believe the benefits of wider discussion outweigh the backlash from potentially offensive content.